About us

About gully!

First of all I would like to introduce myself, Jillian - the face behind the brand! Gully began in early 2020 as gully kids, a way of sewing for my own kids (5 & 2) while working on building up some stock to sell along the way.

Once Covid hit, everything sort of stood still for me like everyone else, and I did a lot of comfort sewing for myself which I shared on social media and I got a lot of encouragement from everyone to do women's clothing. So I jumped on in and so happy that I did. 

I create all of the gully pieces from my home sewing studio in Witless bay, NL in between the craziness of kids, work (I am also a Realtor) & a husband who works away half the year. You will notice a lot of my pieces are named, these are lovingly named after friends/family.

The support I have received since my very first launch has been nothing but amazing. Each launch grows larger and makes me so excited for the future. Our focus is to create sustainable garments that are an absolute staple in your closet and something you just always want to grab to throw on. Layering pieces and basics are a must, but of course I also like to have fun and throw in some cute dresses here and there. All fabrics used are Canadian sourced, environmentally & socially responsible, with minimal waste. With fabric scraps I sew what I can whether it be baby clothes, scrunchies, scarves, etc.

I absolutely love the connection I have with my customers, feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions!